BLYMUM has introduced on the market a specific group of Physiological Modulators, categorized as food supplements and designated for the female market, presented as LILLA LINE.

Nowadays, there is an estimated 3.4 billion females living in the world, and this number is expected to increase by 20% to four billion during the next 20 years.
Female’s dietary needs change as they move from adolescence through their child-bearing period to menopause and old age. Generally speaking, women are early adopters and their increased desire to incorporate specific nutrients into their diet, as well as an interest in health and wellness has helped to pique their interest in products designed specifically for them. Food supplements continue to enjoy the substantial interest of women because they enable them to actively contribute to the maintenance and improvement of their own health.

Till now, there are five products within LILLA LINE that are indicated for women’s specific nutritional, and physical needs and problems: RUBENFLUX®; PROBENTIROX®; FLORITMIC®; VIGORBITAL®; CELLULOX®.

The production of LILLA LINE food supplements follows international Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines. All products claims are EFSA approved and the GMP certificates ensure the LILLA LINE products to have the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity that meet international standards and registration procedures.